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Repairing high end custom homes is not a job to be left to the average handyman. Custom homes require expertise with high end materials as well as top quality craftsmanship. Not only for the task at hand but for making sure the rest of your home is properly protected. There is nothing worse than having work done and discovering a film of sawdust on fixtures, furniture and everything else within a 100 foot radius. Or dust and dirt being tracked throughout the house by the comings and goings of workmen.I work in custom homes on a regular basis and setting up the site for dust control is automatic, being sure to cover floors to prevent damage from foot traffic and encapsulating the work area to control debris as well as employing the latest technology in portable dust collection. If necessary all cutting can be done outside, while not recommended it is, at times, the only solution. Each brand of hardware has it's own nuances and high end hardware more than most. Baldwin et al can be very difficult if certain, not very obvious, conditions are not met. The first 100 are the hardest.
 The choices in cabinet hardware have expanded in recent years. There is a large selection of convenience hardware available to help you maximize storage along with more choices for drawer boxes to make your cabinets truly your own.
Roll-outs, flip-ups, dividers, gallery rails and more to make the best use of the space available

 One option is soft close drawers. These are very nice but are a bit more expensive than our standard 100 lb., full extension guides. When the drawer is closed it "grabs " it about 2" from the cabinet and closes it softly the rest of the way. You would be surprised how quickly you get used to these and fall in love with them. It is available for doors as well.

 They now have touch to open drawers. I have not seen them yet. They are electronic and may be quite pricey but I can't wait to try them out.