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This is a typical bathroom remodel. The tile was existing and the cabinet was bought online.The mirror frame and lighting were from a local dealer and the doors were finished to match the cabinet.
This is a rework and reface of existing kitchen cabinets with new doors and drawer fronts. Finished surfaces are high gloss automotive finish. They can also be done in RTF (rigid thermofoil).

 Custom cabinets are what we do most of but rework and reface saves time and money. If the cabinets are in good shape this is an excellent way to get the look you want without blowing the budget. In many cases the drawer hardware can be changed without building new drawer boxes. As I am sure you know, drawers that do not work properly can drive you crazy. 

 At times, a complete remodel is needed. There are dozens of door styles to choose from as well as materials. No need to be limited by color, size or anything else. You can redesign your entire kitchen into anything you like.